Bluebottle Kiss Fear of Girls

Somnambulist Homesick Blues - Records Sold Out!

Hey all, we've had a great few weeks with Bluebottle Kiss playing the show in Perth at the Milk Bar on 25 November, the band sounded fresh and surprisingly heavier than I remembered. I did get a recording from the sound desk at the show and have sent this off to Jamie in case they want to use it in future. 

We've now sold out of the remaining Somnambulist Homesick Blues records as a bunch sold at the show and the rest right after. As I write there are a few copies at our independent retailers, Junction Records in Fremantle, Good Vibrations in Perth and Rudderless Records in Newcastle - check them out and have a dig. 

I'm working on a few things including getting ready for the Ammonia Mint 400 record pre-order (as well as a special edition shirt) and also taking on board the feedback to work something out for releasing Bluebottle Kiss Fear of Girls (see a little test mockup image here), stay tuned. I'll be in touch soon.

Thanks again for the support from everyone in getting our first project released and completed!


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