Bluebottle Kiss - Never Leave Town - Live in Sydney

Bluebottle Kiss - Never Leave Town - Live in Sydney

It's been a busy few months, so much that I haven't posted about our latest pre-order on Vinyl and CD - Bluebottle Kiss - Never Leave Town - Live in Sydney. Backseat Mafia published an article about the album, read about it here

It's exciting to do another Bluebottle Kiss release and a new one at that, their EP, Somnambulist Homesick Blues is how the label was started and their song Love As Fiction is the inspiration for the label's name. More BBK will be coming later this year as we head back into the back catalogue. 

The album documents the live performance by the band at the Crowbar in Sydney in 2022, during the band's reunion tour. This album is thanks to Ben de'Hoedt who worked to record the show and subsequently mix and arrange the mastering. 

Ben also filmed the show and this will be shown as a film, with dates currently arranged for Melbourne (17 May 2024) and Sydney (18 May 2024). 

An article about Ben's work on recording the show was published by The Music. 

The live album is due for release on 17 May 2024 and includes a download of the album and access to the movie (online). 

The record and CD have sold fast and we have less than 100 copies left, some may be made available at the screenings but if you want one go quickly!

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If we can organise screenings for other towns we will let you know soon. 

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