Big Heavy Stuff - Size of the Ocean Update

Big Heavy Stuff - Size of the Ocean Update

Here's a mid release update for you all on the Big Heavy Stuff - Size of the Ocean reissue on vinyl, cassette (and t-shirts). 

The project is progressing really well, the tapes were completed and arrived the other week and look and sound sensational, the blue tape gives the case a nice glow, very ocean-like. Matt Bayes' design for the tapes looks great, there's a similar design on the t-shirts.

Speaking of tees, the order will be going in to the screen-printers this week so they can be ready on time to bundle in with the records and tapes when the time comes. 

On the records, last week I received the test pressings and reviewed them, Nick from Big Heavy Stuff also had a copy to review. Needless to say it sounds great and we green-lighted the next phase, with Suitcase Records on track to complete the vinyl pressing by the end of November, all going well I'll be shipping all out in early December. 

A bunch of copies will also be going out to selected stores, including Red Eye Records in Sydney. 

Thanks all for your support it's been heartwarming to hear all the messages of support for the band and the music. 



Love As Fiction Records

November 2023

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