Ammonia Mint 400 Vinyl - Re-press in Black Available Now

Ammonia Mint 400 Vinyl - Re-press in Black Available Now

Following the success of the sold-out limited-edition marble vinyl reissue of Ammonia’s 1995 album, “Mint 400”, Love As Fiction Records is releasing a 2nd pressing of the album. This version will see a wider release of the vinyl reissue, with copies heading to record stores around Australia, including JB HiFi. Copies are also available for pre-order on our website

Love As Fiction Records released a limited pressing of the album in April 2023, for the first time since 1995, featuring remastered audio and a newly restored cover art in a gatefold cover. The record has been in high demand amongst fans in Australia and around the world and is completely sold out, resulting in demand for another pressing, now on black vinyl. The 2nd pressing is due for release on 14 August 2023.

Ammonia’s journey started in Perth, Western Australia. Featuring Dave Johnstone, Allan Balmont, and Simon Hensworth, their explosive debut album, "Mint 400," burst onto the Australian and international stage in 1995 under the Sony label imprint, Murmur – founded by Australian music industry icon, John O’Donnell. The singles "Drugs," "Ken Carter," and "Suzi Q" resonated with fans, and they went on to release a 2nd Album, Eleventh Avenue in 1998 before unfortunately breaking up and playing their last show in 1999. "Mint 400" was an intense labor of love, recorded directly to analogue tape by Kevin "Caveman" Shirley at Festival Studios in Sydney and captured the alternative grunge sound of the era.

The vinyl reissue of Ammonia Mint 400 is available for pre-order now. Pre-orders can currently be made at Love As Fiction Records and at JB HiFi. For wholesale distribution enquiries, contact Rocket.

Love As Fiction Records is a one-person record label, founded in Perth WA by Matt during the pandemic. Matt’s love of music and all indie 90’s, particularly Australian bands has driven the release of records by Bluebottle Kiss and Ammonia to date.

Love As Fiction Records

13 August 2023

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